What are you doing to improve the science and society from Brazil and the world?

Get involved to help raise funds to support research projects involving Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Sports Performance, etc.

You can donate directly to the MOVI-LAB’s progressing research project or a new research project that you are interested in. Any helping and donation are well appreciated: research equipment, computers, research materials, volunteer work, etc.

We need your help – more than ever – in helping us to improve health and quality of life.

We feel that there are 4 some compelling reasons to donate to MOVI-LAB:

– 100% of your donation will be directly invested in research projects. All of our activities are focused on research: we do not provide advice or support, and nor do we undertake campaingning.

– We are free to fund ideas to answer the most important research of the time. We are not restricted to providing support for a particular condition.

– We are able to assure you that your money will be really well looked after and really well spent. The research expertise that we have, we can make clear decisions to target our money towards the research that really matters.

– You will be duly recognized and acknowledged in our publications for the contribution.


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